What else?
What else can we photograph for you?
That depends. What else can you imagine?
Because if you can dream it, we can do it.
Big or small. Serious or foolish.
Mundane to outlandish and all points between.

So take a minute.  Think.  Dream.   Ponder possibility.
Then tell us:  What can we photograph for you today?
baby hands piano layer cake
baby hands solo performances cookbook illustrations
band publicity iris garden jazz band
band publicity gardens concerts
dancing girls angel flamingo girls
dance recitals architecture parties
head shot percussion girl a very good dog
portfolios school portraits oh, yeah...and did we
mention we do dogs?
Whatever you love,
whatever you want to remember forever,
whatever is dear to your heart and life,
let us help you make the magic last.
E-mail us and tell us:
What can we photograph for you today?
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"Live, laugh, love, learn, think, drink, create, simplify, and eat your vegetables..." J. R. Carter
© 2005 J. R. Carter, Cherokee Rose Designs
Last revised February 15, 2005
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