Theatre and Event Photography
At Cherokee Rose Designs, we believe photography is magic.

Because it lets us relive
the magic moments of life
that only happen once
and only last a second.

With the right photograph,
just one look and suddenly
you're there.
South Pacific
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat You experience it all over again.
You can hear the sounds
and smell the smells
and feel the feelings.
Just by looking.

And not just for today.
Tomorrow, or next year,
or a hundred years from now,
all it will take is a look
and the magic will happen again.

That's why our photographs
of performance events
are never set up.
Never posed. Never staged.
Little Shop of Horrors
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat We prefer to be right there
to capture the special magic
the second it occurs,
to freeze that
one fleeting moment
the instant before
it's lost to us forever
and transform it into the stuff
that memories are made of.
See proofs of performance events photographed by Cherokee Rose Designs.
Cherokee Rose Designs is proud to be the official photographer
for Macon's prestigious Academy of the Performing Arts
Please visit the Academy's website at www.AcademyofthePerformingArts.com
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