Photo price list
Listed below are prices for our most popular sizes of photographic prints.
Other sizes and formats are available, though,
so drop us an e-mail if you don't see exactly what you want.

Standard and square sizes:  
4 x 6" or 4" square $ 5.00
5 x 7" or 5" square $ 10.00
8 x 10" or 8" square $15.00
11 x 14" or 11"square $25.00
13 x 19" or 13"square $45.00
Panorama format:  
4 x 7" $ 10.00
5 x 9" $ 15.00
Matted photographs:  
Photos are mounted on matboard, matted with a theatrical black matte, and ready to frame.
5 x 7" photo (fits 8x10" frame) $30.00
8 x 10" photo (fits 11x14" frame) $45.00
Digitized photos:  
Images are digitized in the JPEG format, perfect for e-mail or websites, but not suitable for printing.
Price per digitized image (delivered via email) $10.00
Price per image for 10 or more images $ 8.00
Shipping and handling:  
Orders up to $25 $ 2.00
Orders from $25 to $50 $ 3.00
Orders over $50 $ 4.00
Confused about photo sizes?
Each individual photo we take is cropped to the format which we feel provides the most pleasing artistic look for that photograph. We typically use three different formats:
  • standard photographic
    These are what you think of as "normal" photograph sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc.).
    The portrait orientation has the shorter side on top.
    The landscape orientation has the longer side on top.
  • square
    The square format is.....well, er.....square.
    It can be reproduced in any size from 4x4 inch to 12x12 inch.
  • panoramic
    The panorama is twice as wide as it is tall.
    See the diagram below for specific measurements.
If you cannot determine the format of a specific proof, just ask us and we'll be happy to clarify it for you. While we can often successfully crop a photograph to a different format if you wish, you should be aware that doing so typically results in significant image loss on the periphery of the photograph and renders a less pleasing artistic effect overall.
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