Children's Portraits
Sure, we photograph children, too.
They're as much fun as dogs.
tiger girl
Well.   Almost as much fun.
Children, you see, are easy. 
They know the secret to good photography without being told. 

They know the best clothes to wear are the ones they're most comfortable in
and the best pose to strike is the one nobody has to torture them into. 
They think a little mud here and there is fine,
and they never mind the occasional Oreo crumb, even on their best clothes. 

Children know you're best just the way you are. And we couldn't agree more.

We take it a step further, though. We think that the best light is whatever light is already there
and the best hair is hair that the wind has tossed around a little
and the best faces are those with a few laugh lines.

Or if you're not old enough for laugh lines, mud or paint or Oreos will do.   

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