Our photography philosophy
Our philosophy. The short version.
No tight shoes!
If you want the long version, read on.
You might find that Cherokee Rose Designs' approach to photography
is just a bit different from what you're accustomed to.
It's easier. More relaxed. Extremely informal.
Just a bit on the eclectic side.
Definitely off the beaten path.

Our basic philosophy?
We think photography is magic.
It's not about posing, it's about capturing.
That's why we love the time we spend
capturing the magic of theatre and performance events.
It's also why we refuse to do traditional studio portraits.
Our portraits are all about what's on the inside of you,
not about the things you might add to the outside.
We like to make you look exactly like you,
not like some touched-up, recolored, stiff-and-formal version of you.
It makes us ridiculously happy when we can photograph you
wearing whatever it is that makes you comfortable,
doing whatever it is that makes you happiest.
And we really, really like it when that something happens to include your dog.
Or cat. Or gerbil. Or....
Well, you get the idea.
We also think
photographs should last forever.
Just like your memories.
That's why we treat our photographic prints like fine art.
We print them on acid free paper using archival quality inks.
Why do we feel so strongly about this?
Because we also do a good bit of photo restoration work,
and we've seen what can happen to a standard snapshot
after only 15 or 20 years.
It's not a pretty sight.
That's why you can rest assured
that long after all the others have faded away into nothing,
a photograph printed by Cherokee Rose Designs
will still be vibrant and fresh
and in good enough shape to pass on
to your children
and their children
and their children's children.
What else do we do?
Well, what else do you want?
Commercial photography? Product shots? Ad layouts? Magazine work?
Special event coverage? Weddings? Bar mitzvahs? Parties?
Whatever your needs are, we're there to meet them
and we'll do our best to give you exactly the look
and the coverage you're going for.

Don't blame us, though, if we try to liven and loosen things up a bit.
After all, you already know our philosophy:
No tight shoes!
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"Live, laugh, love, learn, think, drink, create, simplify, and eat your vegetables..." J. R. Carter
© 2005 J. R. Carter, Cherokee Rose Designs
Last revised February 15, 2005
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